Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hello Film Loving Characters!

It's almost time for the first-ever WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon! Hosted by Aurora of Once Upon A Screen, Kellee of Outspoken and Freckled and Paula of Paula's Cinema Club, we are excited to host this fun inaugural blogging event. We have set up a schedule (see below) for the bloggers who have signed up thus far for next weekend: Sept. 22-24th.

Remember, this blogathon is all about those scene-stealing delightful character actors that we all love to see on the big screen. We're anxious to read all of these wonderful posts. So many great character actors have been chosen so far. However, there are many great ones yet unspoken for. So, feel free to join in the film blogging fun while there's still time! If interested, please contact one of us ASAP with your character choice and contact info so we can add you to the list! We will need all links to be provided and live no later than 24 hours prior to your assigned date to allow for promotion time. 

Plus... don't forget that we have provided a lovely banner to go with your character blog and we encourage you to proudly display on your site. We will continue to update as we approach next weekend.


Aurora aka Once Upon A Screen @citizenscreen
Kellee aka Outspoken & Freckled @IrishJayhawk66
Paula aka Paula's Cinema Club @paula_guthat

Kellee is Hosting~ Saturday, September 22:
Character:                            Blogger:             Blog site:

Aline MacMahon Emma  Lets Misbehave

Ann Miller Kay Kay Star Style

Beulah Bondi Janet Coulon

Charles McGraw Ivan Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Terry A Shroud of Thoughts

Edgar Kennedy Gregory Maupin

Edward Everett Horton Jill Blake Sittin On A Backyard Fence

Eli Wallach PG Cooper  PG Cooper's Movie Review

Elsa Lanchester Beth Ann Spellbound By Movies

Eric Blore Lindsey The Motion Pictures

Erik Rhodes and Alan Hale Annmarie Classic Movie Hub

Felix Bressart Kristina Speakeasy

Eve Arden Kellee Outspoken & Freckled

Aurora is Hosting ~Sunday, September 23:

Lucille Wilson and Maude Eburne  Patricia Nolan  Caftan Woman

Frank McHugh Dorian Tales of the Easily Distracted

Gail Patrick  Laurie One Gal's Musings

Grady Sutton Jessica Comet Over Hollywood

Hume Cronyn in "Shadow of a Doubt" Jackie Jaxbra Tumblr

John Qualen Kristen Sales on Film

Lee J. Cobb in "We Raid Calais Tonight" Ruth Silver Screenings

Lew Ayres in "Holiday" Marya Cinematic Fanatic

Louise Beavers  Margaret The Great Katherine Hepburn

Marjorie Main  Lucy Secluded Charm

Mary Wickes Brandie  True Classics

Sam Levene Duke  Picture Spoilers

Thelma Ritter Aurora Once Upon A Screen

Paula is Hosting~ Monday, September 24:

David Landau Cliff Immortal Ephemera

Margaret Dumont Manish Once Upon A Screen

Porter Hall Joel Joel's Classic Film Passion

Richard Jaeckel Jack Deth Paula's Cinema Club

S.Z. Sakall Paula Paula's Cinema Club

Una Merkyl Kevyn The Most Beautiful Fraud In The World

Una O'Connor Anthony Strand Zeppo Marxism

Victor Jory Jacqueline T. Lynch Another Old Movie Blog

Victor Moore Kari What Happened 2 Hollywood

Virginia Weidler Nikki Lynn All Things Classic Film

Walter Brennan and Mercedes Cambridge Le Critica Retro

Ward Bond Tonya GoosePimply Allover

William Demarest Sean The Joy and Agony of Movies

Happy Blogging!

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