Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today marks the kick-off to the first-ever WHAT A CHARACTER! blogathon. Created by the three amigos trio of Aurora @citizenscreen of Once Upon A Screen, Paula @Paula_Guthat of Paula's Cinema Club and myself, Kellee @Irishjayhawk66 of Outspoken & Freckled, this blogathon is to celebrate those delightful character actors with their scene-stealing signature looks or their hilarious antics. Although not the leading role, we find ourselves looking forward to these supporting characters time and time again. Often playing roles like the butler, a maid, the hotel manager or the ever-loyal best friend, we honor you!

Today's line-up includes some fantastic bloggers with their brilliant perspectives on the following characters:

Aurora/ @citizenscreen of Once Upon A Screen takes on the snarky and 'down to earth' Thelma Ritter:
Paula/ @Paula_Guthat of Paula's Cinema Club gets cozy with "Cuddles" S.Z. Sakall:

Kellee/ @IrishJayhawk66 of Outspoken and Freckled (yeah, I thought I'd join the fun too) joins sharp-witted zingers with Eve Arden:

Kay/ @KayStarStyle of Movie Star Makeover shines the bright spotlight on Ann Miller:

Janet /@JanetCoulon of Handknit Pants writes her thoughts on the long career of the much-more-than-matronly, Beulah Bondi: 

Ivan/ @igsjr of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear shows us the versatile ways of Charles McGraw:

Daniel/ @pgcooper1939 of PG Cooper's Movie Reviews shares his insights on how Eli Wallach brought the spaghetti western character into mythic status:

Beth Ann of Spellbound By Movies on Elsa Lanchester, from her childhood hardships to Queenie and beyond:

Annmarie/ @ClassicMovieHub of Classic Movie Hub enlightens us on the not-so-Italian Erik Rhodes and Alan Hale, whose full film career was much more than as Errol Flynn's sidekick:

Kristina/ @HQofK of Speakeasy on the instantly recognizable and unforgettable face of Felix Bessart:

Debbie/ @dapwriter of Debra Ann Pawlak reviews the life and loves of a man braver than the cowardly lion, Bert Lahr: 

Terry/ @mercurie80 of A Shroud of Thoughts shares his views on Eddie "Rochester" Anderson:

Lindsey/ @tmplindsey of The Motion Pictures on the very popular sidekick/valet persona of Eric Blore:

More bloggers to follow later today! Be sure to read all these wonderful blog posts and take a moment to comment with your feedback on their blog sites. You can find more participating bloggers throughout the weekend on Once Upon A Screen and Paula's Cinema Club. Thanks again to these outstanding bloggers and to all of you!


  1. Just finished reading the first entries in the blogathon and I loved them all!

  2. Thanks for reading! Hosted in part with Paula, Aurora and myself, all three of us look forward to reading and sharing all these great blogs too! It's been such a fun topic to blog upon- SO many great choices!

  3. Thanks to all three of you! I think I've learned more from this blogathon (and amassed the hugest "films I need to see" list, haha) than any other one I've participated in. Great topic!