Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 1: WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon 2013 is HERE!

Hello classic film fans!
 Today we kick-off the 2nd annual WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon. Created by the classic-film-jonesing, blogging trio of  Aurora @citizenscreen of Once Upon A Screen, Paula @Paula_Guthat of Paula's Cinema Club and myself, Kellee @Irishjayhawk66 of Outspoken & Freckled and inspired by Turner Classic Movie channel, we celebrate our favorite scene-stealing, quirky character actors. Time and time again, we find ourselves looking forward to these supporting characters with enthusiastic anticipation of a familiar old friend. Often playing roles like the butler, a maid, the hotel manager or the ever-loyal best friend, we honor you!  

Without further ado, here are today's lineup of talented bloggers and their character actor picks for WHAT A CHARACTER! 
Gregory (aka @GJMaupin) of I HUMBLY SUGGEST assesses the 'affably pinch-mouthed yet delightfully disapproving personae' of EDWARD EVERETT HORTON...

"Proud, gentle, kindly and altogether charming, she was indeed the ideal symbol of British dignity..." is the apt description of DAME MAY WHITTY, according the lovely Constance of SILVER SCENES BLOG... 

Paula (aka @Paula_Guthat, #TCMparty co-founder and fellow WAC! Blogathon co-host) of PAULA'S CINEMA CLUB writes upon FRANK McHUGH as the face you know and "expert at sheepish expressions, jittery laughs, and screwball action..."

Lovely Jenni of PORTRAITS BY JENNI describes the funny ERIC BLORE as some who "usually portrayed kind yet fussy butlers who had a way with a smarmy, sarcastic answer that sailed over the heads of the rude people asking him questions..."

Our pal Ruth of SILVER SCREENINGS (aka @925screenings) tackles ERNEST BORGNINE and explores his performance in MARTY... "his unfeigned performance makes us believe we can overcome any obstacle" in WE [heart] ERNEST BORGNINE...

WAC! friend and supporter Annmarie (aka @ClassicMovieHub) of CLASSIC MOVIE HUB BLOG scribes on ROSCOE KARNS as "always delivering his special brand of sarcastic quip with machine-gun like speed."

Fun for all ages, the FAMILY FRIENDLY REVIEWS reviews the many performances of charmingly familiar THELMA RITTER

Rich of WIDE SCREEN WORLD (aka @ratzo318) offers a personal perspective on The Circus Kid: Veteran Funnyman JOE E BROWN ...

Margaret (aka @MargaretPerryKH) of THE GREAT KATHERINE HEPBURN blog gives a breakdown of SARA HADEN - a recognizable character actor that as Margaret astutely observes, "sometimes it's those on the sidelines who are best able to describe the exciting goings on around them." See more at: 

Jim (aka @DraconicVerses) of DRACONIC VERSES offers up his insights on THE face of Toho Effects films who was 'sometimes a hero, sometimes a villain who flexed his dark side occasionally'... KENJI SAHARA- What A Character!

A PERSON IN THE DARK blog asserts that "all movies are made better by Tony Randall's participation." I'm hard-pressed to disagree! Read her take on the unforgettable character, TONY RANDALL ...

On SHADOWS & SATIN, Karen (aka @TheDarkPages) presents her findings on the versatile actor who went from film noir to being blacklisted then bouncing back again... JEFF COREY ... 

Maegan (aka @MaesMusings) writes a special guest post on ONCE UPON A SCREEN with "A Character Worth Celebrating" as she provides her thoughts on the character actor who was "wonderfully amusing with little gestures"... JESSIE ROYCE LANDIS

Please enjoy reading all of these wonderfully talented and entertaining bloggers' submissions. Whenever possible, we encourage you to leave commentary too. Every writer appreciates the positive feedback! I will continue to add more bloggers' entries as they trickle in. And don't forget to continue reading ALL the amazing blogs over the next 2 days as our WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon progresses at ONCE UPON A SCREEN and PAULA'S CINEMA CLUB.

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