Friday, February 1, 2013

1st Week of #31DaysofOSCAR Blogathon!

The red carpet is rolled out, the limos are lined up, the Harry Winston jewelry and hottest designer gowns are perfectly fitted and the envelopes are sealed ... it's time for Oscar. Well, almost. To add to the building excitement of this momentous showcase of the very best in cinema, Aurora of Once Upon A Screen (aka @citizenscreen) and Paula of Paula's Cinema Club (aka @Paula_guthat) and myself decided to follow along with Turner Classic Movie's month long tribute, 31 Days of Oscar with our very own 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon. 

And to kick off the very first week, here are your bloggers' contributions and passions on what inspires them for Oscar...

1. Vanessa of "Stardust" at  gives us a glimpse into Hollywood's famed golden year (indeed it was!) in "Hollywood's Triumph: 1939"  (tweet Vanessa at @callmeveebee )

2. Co-host Aurora of "Once Upon A Screen" at delights us with Oscar "Firsts"  and her own Oscar memories that highlight why the Oscars still matter. (tweet Aurora at @citizenscreen )

3. Lindsey of "The Motion Pictures" at treats us with TWO entries! First up is "Oscar recollections: 10 favorite Best Actress winners"
... what a wonderful list of leading ladies. Next, Lindsey takes on the opposite gender with her list of talented leading men ...  "Oscar recollections: 10 favorite Best Actor winners." (tweet Lindsey at @TMPLindsey )

4.  Pete of "Furious Cinema" ... also spoils us with TWO entries! First up is a personal fave of mine (I've seen this THREE times already and yes, the "D" is silent)
"DJANGO UNCHAINED" then he flips into classic Chicago gangsta-style with "Little Caesar" (tweet Pete at @furiouscinema )

5.  Kevin aka "Jack Deth"... (hosted by) waxes 70's nostalgia with a heady brew in "1973: A Very Good Year"

6.  The Gal Herself of "One Gal's Musings" ...
shows us it's a Battle of the Blondes or Girls Gone Wild! with "1960 Best Supporting Actress"

7.  David of "Be Careful! Your Hand!" ... 
charms us with a contentious collection of animated amazing features: "Oscars: Best Animated Feature 2009- Who Should Have Won?"   But why stop there? David adds ANOTHER blog entry- to celebrate the unsung category of voice talent with "And The Oscar for Best Voice Acting Goes To..."   (tweet David at @DavidOpie )

8.  Ratnakar of "Seetimaar- Diary Of A Movie Lover" ...
composes a beautiful symphony of a cinematic Mozart masterpiece in "Amadeus"   (tweet Ratnakar at @ScorpiusMaximus )     

9.  Ruth of "Silver Screenings" ...
brightens our day with an early classic masterpiece of stunning cinema photography: "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans"  ( tweet Ruth at @925screenings )

10. Murtaza of "A Potpourri of Vestiges" ... serves up "The Silence of the Lambs (1991): American Film- Maker Jonathan Demme's Case Study on Human Psychology" with some fava beans and a nice chianti. ( tweet Murtaza at @apotofvestiges ) 

Please savor these delicious blog entries as contributed by our blogger extraordinaires. This is only the first week and we are already brimming with talent. Be sure to add your feedback to these blog entries, follow along with TCM's 31 Days of Oscar this month and stayed tuned to our 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon in the weeks to come for the very best in Oscar blogging fun!

Cinematically yours,
~Kellee (aka @IrishJayhawk66)
along with Aurora ( @citizenscreen ) and Paula ( @Paula_guthat )


  1. Thank you ladies (all three of you) for organizing this grand effort. I hope our blog writing lives up to your organizational and promotional efforts!

    1. I can't wait to read your piece, Joel! Thank YOU for joining our fun blogathon-palooza!

  2. What a great opening line up of films/topics! I just wanted to say thanks to you, Aurora and Paula for hosting this awesome event and I look forward to contributing more over the next month! - Pete @

    1. You're most welcome- and thank YOU for joining us! Your blog entries are awesome, Pete! It's been fun reading them.

  3. Well! I just finished reading the first week's entries and WOW!! Wonderful stuff across the board - I love the variety, the passion with which people commented and all the stuff I learned along the way.

    Now THAT'S how you open a blogathon!


    1. You're right Aurora- these bloggers know how to do it!

  4. Thanks all of you for your terrific contributions!